I presented a paper entitled 'An Interpersonal Education: how do counselling students feel their relationships during their training affect their professional development?' at the BACP Research Conference (May 2013)

I have moved my doctoral research to The University of East Anglia (June 2010)

I have moved into my new house, have stopped practicing in Eastbourne and am opening a practice in Chichester (June 2010)

My research interests have developed and my doctoral work is now focusing on the power dynamics in counsellor training, are we training counsellors to help their clients become more autonomous or are we training them to be agents of social control? (March 2008)

I am just about to start work on a Professional Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Brighton. I plan to study the effectiveness of counselling training with a view to improving the provision of this training. (July 2007)

I have extended my practice and am now seeing clients in Eastbourne as well as Brighton. For clients in and around Eastbourne I use The Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine, 69 Meads Road, BN20 7QL. (Jan 2007)

Participating in a research project that is developing the 'Strathclyde Inventory' a psychotherapy outcome measure based on Carl Rogers' theory of personality change. (Sept 2005)

Assisting with research study "Panic Disorder: In what ways have participants found counselling/psychotherapy to be effective in treating their panic disorder" (Aug 05)

Joined the UKRC Register for Independent Counsellors. (May 2005)

I am now offering supervision to individual counsellors. (May 2005)

Having met the BACP criteria and completed the BACP accreditation process I am now a BACP Accredited Counsellor. (May 2005)

Post-qualifying Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People commenced October 2004 at Brighton University, Falmer Campus. The course is run by Quality Training UK and is awarded by The Awarding Boby Consortium (ABC). This course will now run regularly in Brighton with a new course commencing in October 2005.

Website accredited by "Counselling and Psychotherapy.com" (May 2004)

Links page updated with more person-centred links (April 2004).

Spaces available in person-centred therapy group meeting in Brighton. See Services for details (April 2004).

Summary of research findings into counselling for adults who stammer to be included in the next issue of 'Speaking Out' the magasine of the British Stammering Association (Jan 2004).

Paper on counselling for adults who stammer has been submitted to the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling for publication (Nov 2003).